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Since 1970, Kee Company has provided the field of security access control with a product line capable of meeting a variety of security applications. Ranging from basic entry control to sophisticated on-line systems, our products are unsurpassed for productivity and value. In addition Kee Company's product line is specifically designed to meet the ever changing requirements of the smaller companies and larger alike.

To be a successful supplier of  access control systems,  credit cards, Identification cards, Gift Cards, Membership Cards, Proximity Access Systems, Proximity Cards, the product line as well as the production line has to be state of the art. At Kee Company, we firmly believe this. Our security access control systems are developed using innovative designs based on years of application experience.....ideal for today's security requirements as well as tomorrow's. 

Our credit Cards and Identification cards are custom designed for you,  made to your specifications. Our in house design team can help you with all your plastic card and Access Control needs.



Our Mission

To become your supplier of access control equipment, Access cards, Credit Cards, Identification cards and related products.


Company Profile

At Kee Company, our number one priority since 1970 has been "VALUE". We know our success depends on how well our products perform for our customers. So we take great pride in manufacturing every Kee Company product using quality craftsmanship at an economical price.

The Kee Company product line is backed with a superior service commitment and dedication to quality. Of course, even more than our superior products our people represent the Kee Company commitment to service. That commitment is your guarantee of dependable products from Kee Company.



Contact Information

For complete information on how Kee Company can meet your many application needs. We will be happy to supply you with additional information or a quotation on your specific requirements. Call us Toll Free at 1(800) 7000KEE.

1(800) 7000KEE    
1(661) 294-0796
(661) 294-9562
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